Ceramic Design Associates (CDA) was established in 1980 to address the contemporary ceramic art production and art restoration needs of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and the nation.

Ceramic Design Associates specializes in the design and production of ceramics in general, with a special interest and expertise in the artistic applications of architectural and sculptural ceramics.

Ceramics and glass are the most suitable media for restoration since the majority of all surviving historical artifacts on Earth are ceramics and glassware. Hence, CDA specializes in the conservation and restoration of ceramics and glass media, and is pleased to offer both services to our customers.

Damaged decorative ceramics and glassware can be properly restored to their original beauty by various methods, including re-firings, re-glazing and the fabrication of missing parts including: fingers, hands and feet on figurative artworks, flowering forms, handles, spouts, etc. Naturally, our customers choose the particular level of service that best meets their needs.

Our years of training and experience have resulted in practices that enhance and return the repaired object to its original beauty and minimize any loss of a precious object’s value. In fact, CDA can enhance the aesthetic value of an object by the application of highly decorative metallic fillers.

Our business practices include honoring the philosophy of Far Eastern cultures. In particular, we believe in the powers of restorative healing. We pride ourselves in creative solutions for damaged objects d’art.

CDA provides estimates for services on china, porcelain, earthenware, majolica, figurines, glass art, marble and stone art, sculpture, ornamental artwork, frames and reliefs, tiles, wall friezes and other collectibles.

CDA is widely recognized for its high quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction. We want to be your preferred provider for restoration, conservation and production of ceramic art for your needs.

To learn more about Ceramic Design Associates, or to inquire about how we can address your special needs, please call us at 703-830-8211.

Ceramic Design Associates
13230 Compton Rd., Clifton, Virginia 20124